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Reasons Why I Love Blogging

Ever since I've watched both the "RWBY" Red and "RWBY" White trailers by Rooster Teeth and wrote my paper for English 205 (Mass Communications), I have been feeling the urge to write and blog again. In fact, talking about professional blogging in my Mass Communications class is what has inspired me to write this here. So, you might be asking: what are you doing exactly? Simple: I'm going to write about why I love blogging. Why? Because, I've forgotten how much I enjoyed/loved blogging in the past. Thanks to my Mass Communications paper on professional blogging, I remember again! In fact, I really miss blogging and am going to try oh so hard to come back on here again more frequently. So here for you all is a list of reasons why I love blogging:

1. Writing/Blogging Itself- the process of actually writing and blogging is very enjoyable to me. Being able to express my thoughts in an organized manner is enjoyable to me as well.

2. Reading Other's Posts- I also like blogging because I get to see what other online bloggers are writing in their blogs. This can sometimes inspire me to write about something else and gives me a sense of what others have going on in their heads as well.

3. Seeing Comments on What I Post- getting both positive and negative feedback on what I post is often an enjoyable experience. Positive feedback lets me know that someone really enjoyed what I posted, and even though people typically see negative feedback as a bad thing, I see it as constructive criticism and as a way that I can improve my writing abilities.

4. Making Connections with Others Through Writing- being able to make friendships and being able to relate to other people through what I have written.

5. Being Able to Find Inspiration When you Least Expect It- does your writing muse come when you least expect it, and not when your ready for it? For me, it does. One minute, I'll be listening to a song I like, or I'll be asleep, the next----BAM! inspiration has hit. Usually, it comes when you aren't prepared for it. Oftentimes, you always feel like you aren't writing fast enough and that your muse will disappear faster than osmosis. Usually when inspiration comes however, it lingers, constantly on your mind until you write something down. When your asleep and this happens, you often want to write something down, but usually can't because it's the middle of the night. For me, at least. Even though this feeling oftentimes leaves writers thinking that muses are a pain in the ass, we deeply know in our hearts that we actually really love it, despite how annoying it can sometimes be. Even though we think this feeling of inspiration is annoying when it hits us, we thank the muse Gods later for giving us at least one "tiny" push in the right direction, or some sort of direction. Some inspiration, even if it comes when we don't want it, is better than no inspiration at all.

These are the reasons why I love blogging. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and happy blogging! 

Things to Be Thankful For

Even though it isn't Thanksgiving Day yet, I decided that I wanted to post what it is that I am thankful for this year early, because I've been in a very good mood lately, due to everything being wonderful in my life. Also because I can't really think of anything else to post on LiveJournal right now. I also think that the people and things that I am thankful for this year deserve their own sense of appreciation, even though the chances that they will see this at all are very low. This is my way of saying what I am thankful for in words to them. So before I post, I am going to let you know that I am going to name specific people that I am thankful for, but am also going to do a group of people in one cluster as well, because I don't feel like putting everyone's name out there. So, here it what I am thankful for:

1. My Family- Mom: Thank you, Mom, for being supportive of me this year! I never really thought you enjoyed the notion that I was an English major, but it seems like you lately have been supportive of my major this year. In fact, you have been really supportive of me this year and I really really do appreciate it and I am really glad that you have been supportive of the decisions that I have made and the things that I have done this year.

Sister: Even though we don't really talk much while we both are at school because we are both in two different worlds and stages of college life, I thank you for being there for me and for being a part of my life! I am glad that you are happy at school and am glad that you are happy this school year and are doing well in classes.  

Meme: For being supportive of all that I have done and accomplished this year. For being my loving and caring grandmother as I have grown up and matured into a woman. Thank you for helping me shape into the woman that I want to become!

2. Close Friends & People That I Have Learned From This Year- Lawrence: Thank you buddy, for being my one good guy friend this year. I am really glad that we have stayed in touch over the past couple of years. You are like a brother to me and are a really good friend to be around. You always find ways of making me laugh and I really appreciate you having an open ear whenever I need someone to talk to about what's going on in my life. You are one of the only guys in my life that I have told many of my secrets to and that is still here for me whenever I need someone to talk to. Thank you for being a good best guy friend and I hope to see you again soon! 

Erin- There are alot of things I need to thank you for: for being a good friend when my Uncle passed away this past summer, for inviting me to you and Justin's wedding last month and for being a good friend whenever I have needed someone to talk to. I know we haven't been close friends for a very long time, but in the short period that we have become really good friends, you have become one of my best friends. I appreciate you always being there for me and am happy that you are a part of my life. I know that things aren't going well with you right now, but I hope that things get better and I want you to remember that I am always here for you when you need me! And once again: thank you Erin, for being a really good friend! 

Maggie- *sigh* This is going to be pretty difficult to write, but I think that I need to get it off of my chest. I don't know what has been going on with you lately, but you need to just stop doing that. I know you don't really think that you are beautiful and that you have alot of body issues. Yes, I understand that. But you shouldn't be posting pictures of yourself online. I think that you are beautiful just the way that you are and I don't think asking other people's opinions about the way that you look is a good way to boost your self esteem. I am also aware that I probably shouldn't be posting this online where everyone that reads my journal can see it, but I need to get it out of my chest somewhere so I might as well do it here. Even though we aren't much of friends anymore (to be honest, I've been feeling like we aren't friends anymore for a really long time) I am worried about you. You have been doing things that you shouldn't be doing for awhile now (besides the pictures of yourself) and I want you to know that even though you never really talk to me anymore, I am still here for you if you need someone to talk to, even if my mom thinks that you only talk to me because your taking advantage of me and that if you keep up what you are currently doing, my mom doesn't want us to be friends anymore because she's worried that you'll drag me into all of the stuff that your doing. With this rant comes the reason why I am thankful for you. I am thankful for you because even though we aren't good friends anymore, I feel that I have learned from you what I don't want to spend my life doing and the type of attitude I don't want around me in my life. Thank you for being a good friend, when you actually were around.

Josh- Even though we aren't friends anymore also, I am thankful to you for many reasons. The first is because I am thankful that I have learned how I don't want my friends to treat me when they are dating someone. Before you started dating Dena again and were dating Raleigh, you treated me like crap and there's no way you can get around saying that it isn't true. Most people I know don't stop talking to friends when they are dating someone and then all of a sudden when they aren't dating them anymore, talk to the friend as if you are good chaps. Friends also don't make false impressions of being interested in them like I felt like you did to me while you were dating Raleigh. Whether you really did that or not or if it is just my imagination and me feeling hopeful that you did, but if you did give me any false impressions of being interested in me as more than just friends, then shame on you for making me still have feelings for you for a really long time because of that. Also when a friend sends you a message whether its on Facebook or elsewhere, it is polite to respond at some point. I understand that you are busy fighting our country and I understand that. But when I look at the message, it says the date that you actually saw it as well underneath the message so I know that you've seen it. And lastly, I am thankful to you because I know from you how to never date someone that has broken my heart once a second time. Dating Dena again after the way that she treated you the first time you two dated is possibly the dumbest thing to do. 

Dena- I don't know why I am bothering to even make a post for you. Guess its because your another "friend" of mine that has shown their true colors and has also shown me the type of friend that I never want to be friends with. I trusted you in high school and thought we were really good friends. I even told you about my insecurities of trusting people because of how I was treated in 8th grade by people that I thought were my "friends." Guess your grouped with them now too. This post is a thank you to you for showing me the type of people that I don't want to be associated with ever again. I've tried to not get mad at the way you blocked me on your Facebook because you and Erin had some issues with each other that ended your friendship and that you had your panties tied in a bunch because she decided to talk to me about it. I was even thoughtful in giving you a second chance by sending you a friend request on Facebook. I am happy now though that you didn't accept that friend request because I now find the thought of us being friends ever again repellent. Thank you for showing me that I don't need people like you as friends in my life! 

3. Friends at College- Thank you, all of you, for being here for me. For spending time with me and making this school year another enjoyable college year for me. I am thankful to you and can't wait to make even more memories with you in the months and years ahead! 

4. Myself- I am thankful to myself because of all of the things that I have accomplished this year. I have had one of my stories published on my school's blog from my Writing for the Media class that I have been taking this semester and am working to get a couple more of them on the blog as well. To see the story I have on there, go to here: http://c2writes.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/final-presidential-debate-isnt-what-columbia-college-students-expected/

Another thing that I have accomplished this semester, besides having really good grades (I have all A's and B's, at the moment), is getting my very first job in August. In case you are wondering, I work in my school's dinning hall and serve people food, wipe down counters, and whatever else I get asked to do while I am working. I have been working there for almost four months and so far, I really like it there and am happy that I now have a job and am getting some really good work experience and am making money, for the first time in my life. Another thing that I am thankful for is how much I have gotten accomplished with my NaNoWriMo story so far. This is my first time doing this ever, which I am proud about, and even though I'm not as far as alot of people on the site, I have gotten alot of words for someone who has never done this before.

Overall, I'm just really happy to be participating in Nano this year and will probably be doing it from now on to keep my writing juices going. My total word count is currently 6,123 and I hope to get it higher in the next couple of weeks, which will probably be the most busiest weeks for me with school, work and writing overall. And the last thing, with regards to myself that I am proud about is with who I feel that I am becoming since this semester. I feel happier now, more sure of myself and have been very successful with all that I have done recently. I have stood up to the voices inside of my head telling me that I couldn't do this, or I couldn't do that and have proved those who thought that I couldn't do something wrong. I have also proved to family members of mine that didn't believe that I should stick with the English major that the English major is the perfect fit for me, because writing is my life. I am thankful for that and being able to look at myself in the mirror and say that I am who I want to be and that I won't let anyone change me.  
So as the hours of Halloween pass by, the closer I get to my first time participating in NaNoWriMo. Right now, my nerves and excitement are kicking in big time! So to ease my feelings of glee and nervousness, I decided to post the outline that I have of my novel idea and what it is about so that you all can know what exactly I'm writing about. What I decided to write about for my first novel for this, I decided to do on zombies. Why? Well, because at the time that I started thinking of this idea, Halloween was only a week or so away and because it was the first idea that popped into my mind. Here is the plot of my story (right now) : 

Four teens, two males and two females, spend their summer with their parents at a camp for troubled teens to find a way to connect with their parents. Just as the troubled teens are finally connecting with their parents, the parents get turned into zombies while the four teens are out bonding with them in the forest near their camp. The teens must all now learn to not only survive without their parents, but also learn to trust one another. Their journey to survive the zombie apocalypse turns into romance when the four teens realize how much they love each other. Will the teens be able to survive the zombie apocalypse or will they too, turn into zombies like their parents? And if any of them get turned into zombies, will the teens that are left be able to survive, knowing that the one they love has been turned into a zombie? Find out by reading, The Zombies Are Coming! The Zombies Are Coming!

Now that you know that my novel idea is going to be about zombies and what I have in mind, I will now start to post out the outline that I have for the story, chapter by chapter (or at least, the chapters that I have right now). I have some character names too and background information on them, but for now, I'll just post the outline.

Chapter 1: It Was Just a Normal Day...
 *Background information on teens and their past (probably going to put a little bit of information about them in this chapter, but am really considering not giving away too much information, because that would make it all confusing).
  *Present day- introduction to other people at the camp, life at the camp.

Chapter 2: And Then, it Wasn't.
  *Parents and teens go out camping to spend some quality bonding time together.
  *Teens leave the camp to get firewood to make the fire.
  *Parents encounter zombies, and get turned.
  *Teens hear screams and go to see what is going on.

Chapter 3: Everything Was Chaotic.
  *The teens see their parents being attacked by zombies.
  *Before the teens can help their parents, their parents got infected and turned into zombies.
  *The teens battle their parent zombies, but then they get outnumbered by the zombies so they decide to flee and go to camp.

Chapter 4: And Then, There was Silence.
  *The teens arrive at the camp to warn other campers about the zombies (am considering having it go where they warn them and the zombies attack a few minutes later, but not sure if I'm going to do that or not so for now, I'm just sticking with what's on the outline until I go to write it).
  *The other campers don't believe them, and ask them to leave.
  *The teens leave the camp, but stay close by, just in case the zombies turn up.
  *The teens use this opportunity to get to know each other better (I'm thinking that this is where the teens can reveal more to each other about their lives and pasts, but we will see).
  *Meanwhile at the camp, the camper's parents begin to go missing.
  *The campers get attacked by zombies.

Chapter 5: Zombies Everywhere! 
  *Teens are asleep, dreaming.
  *Wake up to the sound of screams filling the air.
  *Teens get to the camp and discover that they are too late: the campers have now become zombies.
  *The teens are soon trapped and surrounded by zombies. Before the zombies can infect them however, an adult saves them and the zombies flee.

Chapter 6: Darius
  *The person who saves the teens introduces himself to them.
  *Talks about why they are there.
  *Tells the teens about safe houses where zombies survivors are, being trained to fight zombies and a place for shelter and food.
  *Invites the teens to come along with him to find one of these safe houses.
  *The teens accept his offer and together, travel to the safety zone.

Chapter 7: Another Place to Hide
  *Takes a couple of days for them to get to one of the safety zones.
  *More background information about the person that saved their lives.
  *Get attacked by zombies and fights them off.
  *Arrive at one of the safety zones.

Chapter 8: How to Survive a Zombie Attack
  *Description of the safety zone.
  *Introduction to the survivors that are at the safety zone. Background information into their lives and how they came to be there.
  *Teens getting trained on how to fight zombies and are given the proper equipment to fight against zombies.

For now, this is what I have of my outline. Its not that much at the moment, but it isn't a too bad amount, in my opinion, for someone who has never done this before. Hope this all works out for me, when I go to write it! 


A Productive Weekend

This weekend has been a productive one for me. Yesterday, I did my Psychology 102 homework and wrote both my second story revision for my Writing 200 class that is due tonight and also wrote my History 102 paper that is due tonight as well. Also went to CVS yesterday with my roommate yesterday to get some needed stuff, such as more Dr.Pepper and soap for our bathroom. As I was getting stuff at CVS, a lady came up to me and asked me about bridal shower and wedding cards. Earlier this month, a really good friend of mine from high school had gotten married so I was able to help out the lady, no problem. Then I went back to my room to continue to do more of my school work. Read some more of The French Lieutenant's Woman for my English 201 class. Then after I did some of my schoolwork yesterday, I watched the rest of the episodes of Firefly so that I could watch Serenity tonight. After having watched all of Firefly, I then started to work on some more of my outline for my NaNoWriMo novel that I plan on writing. I think I'll do a journal entry of that later and tell you all what I plan on writing about once I've gotten alot of my outline done. Then, I went to sleep. 

Today I woke up, turned in my two papers online so that I wouldn't have to do that again tonight. Then with my roommate Catherine, I went to lunch. After lunch, I got some of my stuff together and went to do laundry. While I was in our residence hall's basement doing my laundry, I called my mom on the phone because I had promised I would call her to talk to her while I was doing laundry. Mum and I talked about lots of things: school, such as my Writing 200 class, politics, such as who we would vote for for president and why, Thanksgiving break (might be going to my grandmother's house in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving this year, depending on the weather though. If it snows, we won't be), and about my novel for NaNoWriMo. Then after talking to the phone with my mom, I called my grandmother Meme and we too chatted for a little bit while I was waiting for the dryer to be done drying my clothes. Then I went back to my room, put my clothes away, and started reading the book I have to write a paper on for Thursday for my History 102 class, The Consolation of Philosophy until it was time for dinner. After dinner, I was in my room and saw a light on in my suite mates' room so I went to go and check it out. My suite mates had gotten back after spending the night at home for the weekend! So, I decided to bring my laptop and other things with me into their room and watched the movie Serenity, which is a continuation of what happened after the last episode of Firefly. 

And that has been my weekend, up to this point. I think now I'm going to work on my outline for my novel so until then, I will blog again later. Take care everyone! :D       

Somebody That I Used to Know

After the last post that I just posted, I'm surprised that I am able to post this at all. I think it is because I was just tired of blabbing about these last two days. Anyway, since I've been feeling so very inspired lately, I decided to get into some sort of contact or in touch with people that I feel like I've been out of touch with or people that I felt like I knew. People that I was close friends with at some point, but have lost out of touch with lately or feel like I'm not really close friends with anymore for several reasons. I'm not going to particularly name names exactly, just in case they happen upon this somehow in someway, but I am going to talk about each of them a little.

The first person I'm mentioning I sent a Facebook message to a little bit ago. I used to have feelings for him awhile ago. I know that I probably mentioned it on here at some point when I was on here very often. He and I are still friends, but we never talk. He's in another country right now, because he's in the National Guard of our state, fighting for our country. But just to clear things up, I no longer have big feelings for him anymore. I still like him a little bit, but I came to realize that things would never happen between us, ever. I came to realize this very recently when certain things occurred with him and a girl that he was dating. Anyway, I've messaged him for several reasons. I haven't talked to him in a very long time and was wondering how he was doing. I miss talking to him in general, because I used to feel like he was one of my closest guy friends. Things have made things obviously clear to me with regards to him that have made me realize things about him that I never really thought of. These things are some of the factors (at least, for me) of why we haven't been in touch as often and why our friendship hasn't been very strong recently.

The next two people I haven't really gotten in touch with really, to be exact. The first person I sent a friend request to on Facebook. The reason for this is because we were no longer friends on Facebook.  Some things happened between her and another friend of mine that I have become really close friends with and she got mad at her and it ruined their friendship. The friend that I had become close friends with told me what happened. My close friend and her used to be best friends so my close friend telling me what happened either made her mad or jealous so she blocked my close friend and me from her Facebook for awhile. Or, I think she blocked me from her Facebook for a little bit, but I'm not really certain about it. At the time when my close friend had told me that she had blocked her from seeing her Facebook, I was curious and I tried searching her name on Facebook. Her name didn't show up at all so I assumed that she must've blocked me as well. I have no proof of this, of course, so I decided tonight to send her a friend request to see what happens. If nothing whatsoever happens, such as her not accepting my friend request at all, then that will be a little bit of proof that she did block me as well or that our friendship didn't really matter to her at all. If that ends up being the case, then whatever. I was mad about this when it first happened, even though I wasn't sure if it had really happened, but I have gotten way over it now.

The third person I sent a Skype request to on my laptop. She and I have been friends since 7th grade, and she was once one of my closest friends. Since I have been at college, things have changed. I'm not the same person that I was before I came here and I feel like I have matured and grown up some. My friend isn't in college and has been doing things that she shouldn't be doing. She also lately has been posting pictures of herself a lot on Facebook. I admit, since we have been friends, she has posted pictures of herself. And no, it isn't what you think it is. Just normal pictures. But it does worry me, because I have noticed that since we have been friends, she has been doing this. She doesn't see herself as being pretty and attractive and I feel like she posts pictures because she has body image issues. And as bad as this sounds and as much as this makes me feel like a bad friend for saying it, but I also think she does it for attention. I feel that way because I feel like she is trying to get people to notice and see her when she does it. But at the same time, when people do tell her that she is pretty, she ignores them anyway. I feel like though that she is my friend and I do really care about her and I want her to be okay. But I honestly don't even know where to begin confronting her on some of this stuff without hurting her feelings and without it ruining our friendship. So I haven't, yet. But I will... soon.

Starting off on a Clean Slate

Dear fellow writers and whomever this may concern,

It has come to my attention that I haven't written on here in awhile. First, I want to apologize for that! College has been keeping me busy lately and a lot has happened since the last time that I have posted on here. I can't even begin to describe all of what I have been through throughout my freshman year of college at Columbia College. It has been full of both joy (such as my roommate getting engaged to her boyfriend) and sadness (one of my uncles passing away the week of my Finals). I propose on here that I will start off on a clean slate. What I mean by this is start over. I would love to update you all about what all I've been through since the last time that I posted on here, but so much has happened since then that I could probably write a novel about it. So my plan is this: I will talk about what is going on in the present. Or, what has been going on this week or so. I know, I know, it'll all be confusing, because you don't know what all I have been up to since the last time that I have posted on here. But I think just starting over with what is going on now would be best, because like I've said, I don't know where else I could start. I figure I'd like to start off with what all happened yesterday....

October 24, 2012

Yesterday, I woke up to find out upon checking my laptop, that on Columbia College campus, it was National On Writing Day! I was excited, wondering what the day entailed for me. What would I write today? It is in fact because of yesterday that I have become so inspired to write a lot lately like I used to. Then I went to my Psychology 102 class (aka, Introduction to Psychology). In Psychology class, we talked about cognitive dissonance and then got into the second group that we had been assigned to to talk about what we had to read for class with regards to cognitive dissonance. Then after discussing cognitive dissonance with my group, I went back to my room with the door that has decorations on it, full of pictures that are aimed at trolling my roommate Catherine. I spent time there entertaining myself with doing homework or thinking of what type of writing to do on National On Writing Day before heading to my 12 o'clock Math 120 class (aka, Liberal Arts Math). In Liberal Arts Math, we learned about financial-type stuff, such as calculating your interest and the such. After that class, I went to lunch. Since it was Wednesday, our dinning hall had its usual yummy chicken with mac n' cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy. In our dinning hall, they had the National On Writing Day stuff. They had paper hands with which you could write on answers to three questions that they had up on their board about writing. Being inspired to do something for National On Writing Day in our dinning hall, I answered all three of the questions and then left to go back to my room.
I spent until 2 o' clock in my room on my laptop, still trying to figure out what else I could do for National On Writing Day. Then I went to my Writing 200 class (also known as Writing for Print and Digital Media). We worked on figuring out what we wanted to write our second stories on. Figure this is the time that I can tell you guys a little more about my Writing 200 class. My Writing 200 class is a journalism-type class, where we write papers and have to interview people, like real reporters do, and write a paper on what we have discovered. Due to the fact that the Presidential Election is this year, all of our papers for this Semester is going to be about it. This paper is no exception. So what we have to do with this second paper is go to an event that has to do with the Presidential Election, such as an event that has to do with an issue, like woman's rights, for example, and we have to write a paper on something with regards to the event that is considered news worthy. For this second paper, I decided to do mine on our school having a live viewing of the final Presidential Debate and my paper will have something to do with that. Then, we have to write our papers and turn them in. First, we have to turn in a rough draft of the paper. Then, our teacher looks at it and grades it, leaving us comments on the paper of how we can improve it and such. Then after fixing our papers, we turn in the revised version. If our papers are good enough and have been fixed to our teacher's satisfaction, they will then be published on our school's blog the Post Script. So in class yesterday, we talked about what we where going to write our second story on based on what stuff we had that was considered news worthy.
After that class, I went back to my room and did school work, still trying to figure out what I was going to write yesterday before going to work, which started at 4:45. I know that you don't know this, because I know that the last time that I posted an entry on here that I didn't have a job of any sort. I work at our school's dinning hall and have been working there since the beginning of this semester. I had gotten a job there after unsuccessfully not finding a job during the summer and because my mom was bothering me to death about getting a job because of not having had any job experience and the like. So I worked, then went back to my room to get my rough draft of my second paper done so that I could turn it in to class.
Then, the idea of what I could do for writing came to me: I could work on my story that I hadn't worked on since middle school by editing it and adjusting it to how I saw fit. And then I thought of something else that I could do that starts next month that I have heard of, but have never ever tempted before: NaNoWriMo. I decided on doing that, because yesterday I felt so inspired to write that I wanted to try and do something that sounded like fun and exciting and challenging. So that is what I am going to do: work on my old story and prepare myself for NaNoWriMo and what I will write for that. That was my day yesterday.

Today, October 25, 2012

History 102 class- Learned more about the Greeks, such as what wars they were in and the like. Also, my history teacher started coughing and asked one of us to get him a soda from the soda machine and since nobody else in class decided to volunteer to do it, I went and bought a soda for him myself.
English 201- We have started to read the novel, The French Lieutenant's Woman and had to read an article. We had to read chapters 12-19 for today so we had a discussion about those chapters and the article that we had to read.

The rest of today I have spent just chilling and writing my old story. Will outline my NaNoWriMo story tonight after writing this post.

Thank you for taking the time to read this journal entry. I feel zapped of writing power so I'll write some more again as soon as I feel like posting on her again! Until then, goodbye! 

Writer's Block: What a wonderful word

What is your favorite word, and why?
Hmmm... I have more then one favorite word. So, I think I'll list them instead of just picking one, and explain why they are my favorites.

1. Unique- First of all, the definition of unique is basically being different from everybody else. That I like, because it's a pretty cool word, and because I like the fact that it means that people can be different, if they want to. 
2. Imagination- basically means to be able to think in a different way then most people, and being able to picture things others can't. I like this word, because it's different, cool, and I have a very active imagination, most of the time.
3. Creativity- being able to express yourself very well verbally and in other ways. I like this as well, because I feel that it describes me, and it's just such a good word.
4. Pessimistic- being negative about things all the time. This word is cool, because the beginning of the word makes me think of people that are "pissed off" about things. And, I just like the word in general. It sounds pretty cool to me!
5. Chocolate- a type of candy. I like this word because duh, chocolate is really good! 
6. Rain- a type of weather. I like this word, because I love the rain!

These are the only words I have, for now! Not properly functioning right now, because I feel tired! Will update and fix the list later! :D 

Fall Break

Ahhh, back at the room at Columbia College! Just got here a couple minutes ago, or so! Now to tell you all about my "break." If it can be called that at all. I finished my classes on Wednesday before mum picked me up after she was done with work. Then we went home, and there was a new episode of Revenge on, because it comes on TV on Wednesdays at 10, so mum and I watched that. It was a pretty good episode! Definitively going to be keeping up with it every Wednesday, even though I don't really have TV to watch here! I mean, we do have a TV, because my roommate brought one here, but the cable cord that we need is behind my desk here at school, which isn't anywhere close to where we have the TV positioned. So until we get a cable, we can't really watch TV. I mean, my roommate has a Wii and Netflix subscription, but it's really really slow on the TV so we haven't really been watching TV on there much.
It's okay though. I have Hulu where I can watch it, so that's okay. Then on Thursday, I spent most of my day doing the loads of homework I had to do. So this is the stuff that I had to do: write my French Composition, which is a composition about describing some of my family members in letter form to a French-speaking person. Then, I had French Test Corrections from our last test to do. Then, I had my English paper to type, because I have to meet with Sarah, a girl in my English 101 class that is a Senior, that we have to meet with with our English papers, and I had to write my English paper because I didn't have that, because we've been working on the Introduction and thesis statement for the paper every class that we've had this assignment, so far, which hasn't been too many class periods of English, only three. I also had to do some of my RDG 110 homework. And did I mention? All of this is due tomorrow! And finally, I had my speech outline to do, which is due tomorrow as well. I had to do all the research and things for it first, which took up a lot of time when I did it on Friday.
Anyway, I got my RDG 110 homework, and my French Test corrections done, and then, I had a dentist appointment at 2. After the appointment, I had to go into work with mum, because she didn't want to drop me off at home, and then come back to work. So during that, I studied a little for my French test, that I have on Tuesday. Oops, I forgot to mention that. Yeah, I have to do that too, because I have a D in my French class currently. It's okay though, I'm going to be going to a French tutor on Tuesday to get help. The only problem is: I don't know what I need help on! And I'm not too too great at asking questions about how to do things, because in high school, I never asked my teachers for help. Or in general.
So anyway, I studied for the test while at mum's work, and started writing out the composition for French in my notebook, which took me most of the time we where at mum's work. When we finally got home, mum and I went home, and had dinner while watching the Big Bang Theory. After that, we just watched TV for the rest of the day, for the most part. Friday, was a continuum of homework! I typed up my French Composition, my English paper, along with looking at sources for my English paper, and found the stuff I needed for my speech outline on Breast Cancer. That all took up all of Friday, and when my mom got home from work, we then drove up to Clemson to bring my sister home, because her Fall Break started on Saturday. We grabbed dinner from Burger King, before heading to Laney's apartment at Clemson. Then, we packed her stuff in the car, and headed home. By the time that we got home, it was later than Midnight, so I went to bed shortly after we got back.
Saturday, I typed up my Breast Cancer speech outline, and printed up all of the school stuff to turn it all in. Studied a little of French for my first part of the test on Tuesday. Then at 7, was the Clemson v.s. Maryland football game. Also, just letting you know that Clemson is the #8 ranked college football team, on the Top 10 list, and Maryland isn't, but Maryland put up a really good fight, and I thought that they where going to win, because they started off really really well against Clemson, and we didn't get our crap together until the last half of the football game. The score ended with a score of Clemson: 56, Maryland: 45. And my sister and a friend of mine are having a facebook football fight on my facebook status about Clemson winning the game, because my friend said some things on my status that upset my sister. 
Then today, I chilled at home for a little, studied a little bit of French, and then, my mom, sister, and I went to the South Carolina State Fair today, which was pretty fun! We walked around, and looked at the animals they have there. We didn't really end up riding rides at all or anything, but it was lots of fun anyway! After the fair, we came home, had dinner, and then, I was brought back here! So, that has been my Fall Break! Hope you guys have enjoyed your weekend! :D 

Ludy Bowl! :D

Just got back to my dorm room in what felt like decades ago, even though it was only a couple of hours, even though it was an hour or two ago.
Now, for some details about this weekend! I figure, I can skip details about my weeks, because I have nothing much to post since the last time I posted on here! Well... I had one busy week full of stuff, such as the Macbeth play that happened to have some HOT guys in it, the Presidents Dinner, and things like that, but I don't feel like going into detail about thoughs, other than to say that that week was full of fun and awesomeness! And I got to see a good friend of mine during that week, which was pretty good! 
I want to say that that stuff happened the week after I went to the Greek Festival? Can't really remember---each week blends into the next these days! Anyway, this week w as pretty pretty good! Nothing too exciting, except the fact that one of the girls that my roommate has become friends with, is now engaged! Found that out this week, even though she already knew that her boyfriend was going to propose to her, so it wasn't much of a surprise. And my sister's birthday was just last Sunday. She is officially old to me now, my 20 year old sister! :D 
Anyway, this weekend was full of lots of fun! Went to the Ludy Bowl yesterday. The Ludy Bowl is a tradition here at Columbia College, ever since a student with that name came to our school. The Ludy Bowl is basically a flag football team, with the Senior and Sophomores on a team verses the Juniors and us Freshman on a team! Each year, they do this, and pick different types of themes and stuff for it! For this years' Ludy Bowl, the theme was cowboys so the teams where: Sheriffs V.S. Outlaws! Our team, was the Sheriffs this year. And not only was there the game, but there was a Ludy Bowl parade before hand that we got to see and watch, which was also pretty cool and fun! Also, a girl named Catherine that goes to Columbia College as well, a girl that I've come to know a little bit hung out with me and my mom the whole time. We got our faces painted and things like that, and overall, it was a good time! We lost, but it was a pretty good game! The Sheriffs lost, but it was still a good game anyway! 
After the game, I decided that I wanted to be on the Ludy Bowl team next year! I was going to sign up for it this year, and I thought I had at the Summer Orientation, but apparently not. I want to play next year, because it looks like it'll be lots of fun, but also because some of the girls on the teams couldn't catch the ball to save their life. I'm not trying to say that to be mean, even though it probably does sound like it. I'm just saying... they couldn't really catch that well. And if I do it next year, I would do fine, I think, because first of all, I know a little well, how to catch a football because when I was little, I went to a daycare, and I was the only girl there that hung out with the guys there, and we played flag football, and kickball, and fun games like that a lot with each other. So I feel like I know enough on how to play flag football, and how to catch the football! :D 
Also, I have a TV show that I highly highly HIGHLY recommend you and anyone you know to watch: the TV show Revenge. It's a pretty good show, and really addictive and suspenseful! I recommend it to everyone, especially those who like drama shows, and action packed shows, because "this isn't about forgiveness." At least watch one episode of it, and tell me what you think afterwards! I'd deeply appreciate it if you did! :D 

Such a Sap: My Internal Confliction :'(

You'd have thought I'd learned from this when this happened. Apparently not though. Okay, so for our sencond English 101 paper, we have to write about an event or moment that we learned a lesson from. The event I chose from, I never actually got to tell you guys about, because it happened during my Senior year of high school last year. If your wondering, it's about our dog Tanner. In February Marchish, she had been put to sleep, due to her Kidney Disease that she had having getting worse.
This is what I had decided to write about. What you don't know about this is that the day she was put to sleep, I was a zombiefied mess, litterally. I cried throughout most of the day at school, and it wasn't too much fun. Which brings me back to the paper. While I was writing the paper, I became a tear-jerking mess as well. I've been working on this paper for most of the afternoon/evening, and when I was writing it out on paper, I was crying my eyes out like a baby, just as if Tanner was dying in front of me. What's worse is the fact that I know for a fact that I've had two dreams of Tanner dying awhile ago, before it actually happened, but it was after finding out that she had Kidney Disease.
The problem with this is the fact that while I'm writing or typing out the paper, I keep CRYING! If that wasn't going on, I know I would be fine. But, with this crying happening, I'm not sure if I really want to still write it. I mean, I've already finished our first rough draft of it, which has to be five to seven pages long. Luckily, this one is long enough for on Monday. And we have to be comfortable talking about our paper to everyone in class, which I think I am, it's just the fact that I cry everytime I write it that is bugging me.
I'm also wondering why this is happening. I know that I still miss her, because losing her was like losing a member of the family, which of course she was. It also hurt in the fact that she was the first pet my family and I had ever gotten, so that made it really hard as well. I think the reason I've been crying though, is because I still miss her, even though it's been months since she passed away. And the fact that I had two dreams of her dying doesn't exactly make me feel any better. Tell me: what do you guys think? 


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